Instructions for foreign companies - service providers in Croatia

An obligation to submit a posting declaration prior the posting?

When providing services in the Republic of Croatia, a service provider (an employer) is obliged to submit a posting declaration before the commencement of posting to inform Croatian authorities about its intention to post workers.   To which authority should it be submitted? It should be submitted to the Labour Inspectorate. Posting declaration and all its changes must be submitted on FORM 1 or FORM 2 only by electronic means  to the following e-mail address: It is not required to send it by post, but to keep original of  document in archive.“   Posting declaration form The prescribed form of the Posting declaration FORM 1. Download links: Izjava o upućivanju Obrazac 1 HR Posting declaration Form 1 EN What if submitted data changes during the posting? The employer shall also report any change of those data, by sending the official letter to the competent body, with all relevant data needed to identify the change in matter on prescribed FORM 2. Download links: Prijava promjene podataka u izjavi o upućivanju Obrazac 2 HR Notification of change of submitted posting declaration Form 2 EN