Sector for Social Partnership

Sector for Social Partnership performs organizational, administrative, technical and other tasks for the needs of the National Economic - Social Council and its permanent and occasional working bodies. This Sector is leading coordination and mediation activities in order to better develop tripartite social dialogue and partnerships in the Republic of Croatia, from the local to the national level. It also organizes and manages activities related to the procedures for providing administrative support to the negotiating committee of the Government of the Republic of Croatia in collective bargaining on the conclusion of a basic collective agreement for civil servants and employees and a collective agreement for civil servants and employees. Sector also cooperates and provides professional assistance to social dialogue coordinators in state administration bodies, and coordinates the cooperation of state administration bodies and social partners at national level. Sector also performs the activities of coordinating activities and providing professional assistance to the activities of economic and social councils in local and regional self-government units, providing expert assistance in the work and establishment of sectoral social councils. Furthermore, Sector manages and performs administrative tasks related to the procedure of compulsory conciliation in collective labour disputes, maintains a list of conciliators in collective labour disputes determined by the National Economic - Social Council and records of compulsory conciliation procedures in collective labour disputes. This Sector also provides professional assistance to social partner organizations within its scope participates in the preparation of the annual work plan, monitors the implementation of national strategies and action plans within its scope. Sector also participates in the planning of the state budget and in drafting the strategic plan of the Ministry and performs other tasks within his scope.